Our Vision :
Quality is our Spirit!
High efficiency is our Motivity!
Customer's benefit is our Treasury!
Excellent best buy products is our Mutual goal!

Our Motif :
Active in worldwide markets.
Experienced in designing excellent products.

Specialized in OEM/ODM products:
We have in house designing, moulding, plastic injection, metal stamping and assembly.

Our production material :
All kind of general plastic injection raw material.
Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminium /Brass, plate and tube.
Extruded Brass and Aluminium.
Die-cast Zinc Alloy and Aluminum Alloy.

Our Products ranges in the fields of :
Electronic /Telecommunication / Household / Personal accessories
Shoes / Furnitures / Architectural and interior decorations
We have our main market in Europe / U.S.A. / Canada / Japan and Asia .

History :
We started in plastic products business in 1978.
Chit Hing Industrial Ltd. was founded in 1982.
We established our plastic and our metal production and assembly plant in China in 1993.

Quality Control
Production Developing Cycle Flow:

Computer Design and Management

Quality Inspection

• Design & Developing
• Tooling Developing & Test
• Delivery Packing Design
• Production Tech Review
• Manufacturing Preplan
• Delivery Preplan
• Production Test
• Products Production
• Quality Control(Rework on under Quality)
• Quality Control Pass
• Quality Control Pass
• Shipping
• Customers feedback
• Production Review
• Quality Control Cycle

Inspection of Impact Welding Strength

Quality Inspection